The 2021 Census – March 21st 2021

CENSUS MARCH 21st 2021

The new census will take place on March 21st 2021.  This will be “digital first” BUT any resident who does not have access to the internet will be helped in a secure way by Census helpers.  They will not enter your home and will maintain their distance.

For further information please go to the Census website:


If you need help filling out your Census, or you do not have access to the internet you can call West Sussex Library Service and they will fill the form out for you online. Here are the details:  Support notice 4th March 2021 If you need further support:

The Contact Centre

The contact centre is a vital source of public support. It offers help over the phone, via webchat and SMS text message, and through the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website. There are separate lines for England and Wales, plus a language helpline, text relay and short text numbers. 

Contact centre for those living in England 0800 141 2021
England NGT (text relay service) (18001) 0800 141 2021
Contact centre for those living in Wales 0800 169 2021
Wales NGT (text relay service) (18001) 0800 169 2021
Language helpline 0800 587 2021
The contact centre is UK-based and free to call.