Hunston’s Heros

From Wednesday morning when half the north fence of the playground was on the ground, with broken posts and wood splinters all over the place to 6.30 that evening when it was all cleared

What a wonderful village Hunston can be! Wednesday morning the playground fence was damaged, on the ground with broken wood posts. Wednesday evening it was taken down and cleared away.

Some phone calls, a plea on Facebook and help arrived. Our thanks to Dusty Withall, Chris Barber, Gerry Mann and Dominic Adkin who took the fence down, to Kirsty Stringer for arranging with Tony Trude to clear it away and Alfie Strude for picking up the little bits of wood. Thanks as well to Joan Foster and Carol Smith for making it all happen

We will arrange installation of a new fence as soon as possible and particularly ask dog owners not to allow their dogs in the playground area.

Tony Trude – taking it all away!

Left to right Dominic Adkin, Gerry Mann, Dusty Withall, Chris Barber