Hunston Neighbourhood Plan

Time for you to have your say! 

Our Neighbourhood Plan is out for consultation until 9 September 2021. It represents nearly two years work by the Parish Council. It’s a lot of paper – 1.5 cm thick! 

 Chichester District Council told us to prepare our Plan for 200 new houses in the village. We held meetings and surveys and residents voted overwhelmingly for the houses to be built on the three sites, south of the village after Oakview. 

 If development has to happen, we want it to meet the highest sustainability standards, provide affordable housing, bungalows and low-level housing. It will need to be flood resilient. 

 The Plan covers our vision for the future of Hunston, including cycle-ways, more pedestrian crossings and wider footways. We want to preserve and enhance the existing wildlife corridors and biodiversity.  

 We want Hunston to retain its shops and pub and to provide effective support for the elderly.  

The Plan is made up of: 

  • The Submission Plan 
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Hunston Neighbourhood Plan 
  • Views and Vistas Assessment 
  • Locally Identified Buildings or Structures of Character
  • Basic Conditions Statement 
  • Consultation Statement 


WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! We have sets of papers available in the annexe or you can view it online: 

There is a response form you can download there or you can email direct to: 

 If you email you need to give your address etc. Then you need to say whether you support or oppose the report and if you have any recommendations/modifications 

OR, you can drop a handwritten comment into the Annexe and we will scan it in for you. 



Thank you 

Joan Foster 

Chair, Hunston Parish Council 25 August 2021